Wednesday, 29 October 2014


You know sometimes there are just those campaigns that make you think "yep, that is f*cking clever, why didn't I think of that?!"

This week's #CampaignPorn is a rather simple yet incredibly clever stunt from Taco Bell to promote their new app.

Using the hashtag #ONLYINTHEAPP, Taco Bell's social media just went dark in an attempt to drive customers to their new app.

In a time when businesses are being almost bullied into having a complete social media presence (not that it's a bad thing), Taco Bell have completely rebelled by essentially wiping their entire social media presence.

They've even wiped all their previous tweets from their Twitter account (brave). Except they didn't really (clever).

Taco Bell's totally-real-not-fake Twitter account appears to have wiped all previous tweets. Their actually-real-deffs-not-fake account, however, is actually safe and sound, using the Twitter handle @totallynotthere.

Four for you Taco Bell, you go Taco Bell. 

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